What are the ebikes average speed and range stats?

What are the ebikes average speed and range stats?

We are always looking to update and get the best speed and range possible, to date with our electric high power ebikes we are confident to say they are up there with the very best statically! We are sure you will not find a better more cost effective build with any other company or brand.

Current States To Date:

. 3000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 75KM/H – Charge Range: 45-55KM

. 5000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 85KM/H – Charge Range: 45-55KM

. 8000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 105KM/H – Charge Range: 45-55KM

. 12000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 120KM/H – Charge Range: 50-60KM

TAKE NOTE: These are all standard factory build stats and is based on average usage. If using at continual or mostly high power it will compromise over all range. Also on lower power models range can be “Slightly improved” by installing larger power batteries that would otherwise be fitted on larger models. If you require battery upgrade we can quote you for this with an additional charge to your order.

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