Mini Wireless eBike Electric Air Compressor Pump

Mini Wireless eBike Electric Air Compressor Pump

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Wireless inflatable pump.

Easy to store and carry around with its compact size and can be used anywhere to inflate the car tires in case of emergency (if the battery is full).

The backlit digital LCD display shows pressure in 4 units ( PSI、BAR、KPA and Kg/cm2) .

Digital LCD tire gauge – LCD display make reading present tire pressure so easy, very convenience to regularly check the tire pressure.

Moreover, it can be used at night as it has 2 built-in LED lights for illumination or emergency lighting.

Tire preset – you could preset to your desired pressure and monitor tire pressure, it will automatically shut off when the proper tire pressure is reached.



Instructions For Use:

1. Insert the pin on one end of the charger into the car USB beforehand, and insert the USB plug into the USB socket on the top of the air pump to charge the air pump.

The normal charging time is the first time after charging for 4 hours.

2. Connect on end of the tire inflation joint to the air cylinder and the other end to the tire value core,then press the reverse button down.

Please note that the order of the connections is important and there are two types of pipe joints,Amercian and French.

The joint of the trachea itself ia American,and the independent French joint is screwed to the American joint.

3. When the power button is pressed,the LCD screen starts to display. Press again to start the conversion between the four units of PSI,BAR,KAP,KG/CM.

Select the unit you want,set the button of set the air pressure value you need, and finally press the power button.

The switch begins to inflate,and when inflated, the LED at the bottom of the cylinder is bright.

4. The setting button is the pressure value setting button,the tap is a slow adjustment,the long press is a quick adjustment,and the pressure value is adjusted to the appropriate pressing value of the inflation object;

the pressure value flashed for 4 seconds, is automatically set,or can be set by pressing the switch.

5. Press the power switch,when the inflation pressure reaches the pressure value you set, the smart air cylinder will automatically stop the inflation work immediately,but the LED light is still on, then press the power switch to turn off the light.

6. When the inflation is over, the tire inflation joint is quickly unscrewed from the value core or the counterclockwise.

Before the screwing out,carefully put the tire inflation joints hot; if there is a small leak in the moment of screwing out the point the joint, it’s normal.

7. If it’s judged that the tire pressure is too high, the tire inflation joint can be deflated at a suitable position on the value core.

8.Unscrew the tire inflation fitting from the main unit,insert it into the storage tank at the bottom of the air cylinder, and collect the air cylinder in a safe and try place.





Color: Black

Car Power Input: 12V/ 3A

Input Voltage: Charger 5V/2A

Working Current: 1~5A

Maximum Current: ≤5A

No-load Current: ≤2A

Air Efficiency: Charge 1.95 mountain tires for 2 minutes

Battery Capacity: 2000Am/ 12.4V

Emergency Light: 80 hours of 10 hours

Working Temperature: -20℃ ~70℃

Charging Method: Micro USB

Charging Time: about 2 hours

Using Time: over 30min (full of power)

One Tir Charging: 8-10min

Reachable Pressure: 150PSI , 10.3BAR , 990KPA, 10.5KG/cm2

Packing: Carton

Packing Weight: 790g / 27.9oz

Packing Sise: 28.9*7.3*7cm / 10*2.9*2.7in




This bike tire pump does not support truck tires.

Children are forbidden to use this pump. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use it in places close to flammable and explosive liquids and gases.

Do not leave when the inflation is in progress. The machine must be allowed to rest for 8 minutes after 8 minutes of continuous use.

When there is abnormal noise or excessive temperature during inflation, please turn off immediately and let it cool for at least 15 minutes. Disassemble the trachea and be careful with hot hands.

The product is protected from rain and water, and it is resistant to impact.

If the pump is not used for a long time, it must be stored in a dry and closed place. If you store for a long time, it is recommended to charge the battery for three months.

Check if the rechargeable air pump is fully charged before use. For the first time, charge for 4 hours. Fully charged, the indicator is off.



Package List:

1 * Inflator

1 * Air Hose

1 * USB Cable

1 * Car Charger

3 * Inflatable Needle

1 * User Manual





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